March 18, 2024

The new FREAKNIK.COM will be more diverse, more distinct, and more accessible worldwide with more exciting content than anything before or to come after …

Exploding News and Information: Coverage of things of interest around the corner, nationwide, and worldwide, putting local communities on the map.

The Content Makers: Meet authors, filmmakers, playwriters, and creators.

Hard-Knows: Hard-hitting ground-level exploration of things in and out of the headlines.

Fresh, Fly, Fabulous, Funky (FFFF): an exploration of fashion, review, and inside industry stories.

Power and Influence: How brands influence the world.

Planet Help: Exploring Cause and Effect of climatic and environmental issues for vulnerable communities.

Before Scene: The Inside Exploration of the creative and production process before
Performance or exhibition. 

In Your Hand: Exploring the vote at home and abroad. 

Lost In Oblivion: The making and erasing of history.

Funny as Funny: Making funny, truth, history, and comedy culture. 

Roots of Success: True inspirational, fact-based stories of people who overcame disadvantages and tremendous obstacles and achieved extraordinary success.

The New Not Young: It is all about growing older.

More to come….



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